Climate neutral holidays

Sustainability is very important to us. In particular, the solar system, which is providing hot water that, went into operation in 2001 and enables us to use the power if the Davos sun as an energy source.
We only use biodegradable detergents from the company "Van Baerle" as well as a modern, technically extremely sophisticated dosage system, which automatically dispenses the exact amount of detergent required for the pre-programmed washing program. Like this we never use more detergent than is needed. Our washing machines and dryers are also state-of-the-art, energy-saving and have all the well-known "eco labels" and are designed for operation that is as water-friendly as possible. In addition, we wash our laundry ourselves, i.e. we save an enormous amount of emissions simply by eliminating constant transport by truck.
Our lighting impresses with its extremely economical way due to the latest LED technology.
We buy the vegetables, cheese and meat for our fine dishes from local suppliers and support the local businesses as good as we can.
And one more thing: We attach great importance to correct and careful waste separation and recycling. We even have our own compost, which we use as fertilizer for our garden after a few years.
In the course of the renovation that was performed a few years ago, we not only completely renovated the rooms, but also renewed the windows, which now have a top building isolation.
Offers for which you don't have to travel far. Even a hike or bike ride on your own doorstep is often a surprisingly positive experience! Enjoy your journey to Davos by train with wonderful views and make your contribution to a healthier environment. We enjoy the Davos mountains and wonderful nature and of course we would like to actively contribute to preserving them to the best of our abilities. These are just a few of our contributions!
Climate protection is actually not that complicated and it is even more fun. There are countless possibilities in everyday life to save CO2 and conserve resources.

Get involved! Supporting climate protection and sustainability together

Using resources sparingly to protect the environment is important to us. You can help us with this: As part of the myclimate «Cause We Care» initiative, we are giving you the opportunity to make a voluntary contribution with us for climate protection and sustainability.

For CHF 2.00 per overnight stay, you can support our sustainability measures and offset the CO2 emissions of all your overnight stays. As a thank you, we promise to double the contribution. A part of the sum will be used to support valuable international carbon offset projects from the myclimate foundation. With that your stay will be climate-neutral. The remaining amount will be invested into local or organisational sustainability measures
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