Joyride Paragliding

The alpine scenery of Davos is ideal to relax and practise mountain sports. But have you ever been at eye level with the top of the mountains? A 1,000 altitude difference of free falling and a picturesque mountain panorama are waiting for you!

You’ll be sitting comfortably in front of your paraglider coach and will be able to just have a chat with him. Updraughts help to keep the paraglide flying higher and longer than in a usual gliding flight.

If you like to experience adrenaline rushes, we can make flight figures on a higher speed or you can try to steer the paraglide yourself. Likewise, you can just enjoy gliding silently towards the valley.

(The only thing we demand from you is a little bit of jogging at the start and during the landing)

Further instructions and information ensue befor the flight.

Package deal from Hotel Edelweiss together with Joyride Paragliding


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