Cross country skiing

Classic cross-country skiing or skating in the destination Davos Klosters. Everyone gets a taste for it on the diverse and free cross-country ski trails in Davos and the surrounding area.

Get fit and prepare for the winter season with Dario Cologna, the Swiss cross-country skier, with a high-intensity power training session. Train like an Olympic champion - Cologna shows you his favorite exercises in different levels of difficulty.

Fit with Cologna: Level for beginners
Fit with Cologna: Level for advanced
Fit with Cologna: Level for professionals
Dario Cologna, who grew up in Graubünden himself, was the first Swiss to win the overall World Cup in cross-country skiing, various gold medals at the Olympic Games and one at the World Championships in the 2008/09 season. Several times, he was even able to win the Tour de Ski and the overall ranking of the Cross-Country World Cup. You will surely meet him on one of the many cross-country trails in Davos.

Did you know that an early start to the season for cross-country skiing in late autumn can be guaranteed regardless of the weather conditions thanks to "snow farming"? Since 2008 the snow has been taken in heaps and covered with sawdust. Through this method, 70 - 80% of the snow is preserved for the coming winter and can be used for the preparation of the cross-country ski trails before the temperatures drop in order to be able to produce the snow itself. The cross-country trails are used by athletes who have to prepare for competitions as well as by amateurs. This also enables us to hold two top events in Davos, such as the SonntagBlick cross-country skiing event and the FIS World Cup.

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