Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That’s why we serve you daily a well-balanced and varied breakfast buffet for a perfect start of your day.

We are particularly proud of our “in-house” hotel cows Ilumia, Heliskia and Luma. They produce the milk we use to produce our own cheese. Also all our diverse jams, pastries and Birchermüsli are made in-house.

We serve you daily a wide selection of oven-fresh breads and croissants. In addition, we offer various special breads such as 6-grain bread, UrDinkel wood oven bread, walnut bread, wood oven Vivafit bread and a selection of gluten-free bread.

Classic Swiss baked goods and newly interpreted specialties made with the best raw materials from Swiss agriculture and traditional bakery craft.


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Our three hotel cows Ilumia, Heliskia and Luma provide milk, which is used by a traditional alpine cheese dairy to make high-quality mountain cheese.

We’re proud to serve this local organic product on the well-balanced breakfast buffet.

Our chef uses the cheese furthermore for nice dishes and exquisite cheese assortments.

During the summer season, you can visit our milk producers on Wiesner Alp. They are recognizable by a collar marked with an edelweiss flower.

Have fun visiting Ilumia, Heliskia and Luma and enjoy your meal!

Breakfast in the room
Take it comfortably in your room. Let us surprise you with our fine selection for breakfast. For a small surcharge of CHF 10.00 per person / day, we will be happy to serve it to you in your room between 7.00 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. We ask you to register one day in advance.
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